Scrap My Car

If you find yourself with an old car that you no longer used – or for whatever reason, cannot use – there are a number of things you can do with it. Firstly, you could just give it away or give it to a charity. Or you might try your luck at selling it, particularly if there is a chance it will run again and if there is any tax left on it. However, without a doubt, the best way to get the most value from this car is to scrap it.


Scrapping Your Car Is Simple

If you have already made the decision to scrap your car then the following steps will get you on your way to getting cash for it. Firstly, you must get into contact with your local scrap yard – these can easily be found via Google. Once you find one, get on the phone and provide the scrap yard with your registration details and they will provide you with a quote for the valuation of your car. Following this, if you choose to accept their quote, the scrap yard will generally organise a truck to come and collect your car. Regarding the transfer of money, cash is generally not provided, a cheque or electronic bank transfer is typically preferred. In terms of the main reasons for why you would want to get cash for car Campbelltown include: 

Cash – Obviously, this has to be the number one reason here, the majority of people will be looking to turn their car into cash.
Free – Other people are simply looking to get rid of their old vehicles, obviously scrapping the car ensures that it is removed from their home.
Charity – More rarely, some people are interested in getting rid of their old car and helping out people too. There is always the option to donate an old car to charity and this is often overlooked by most people.

All of the above options are totally viable ones; it all comes down to whether you would like some extra cash for your scrap car, to simply remove an old car, or to help out by donating a car to a charity. Clearly, out of all of the available options for how to deal with your old car, the only one that offers a sound financial prospect is scrapping it. However, in certain situations it may indeed actually be beneficial to donate your charity to a designated organisation instead. It is essential to consider this option too as there are many tax related benefits available for doing so. With a little bit of online research it is possible to identify charities that will come and collect your old car for you.


Why Scrap Your Car?

Ultimately, the main benefit that is attained from scrapping your car is cash! You will be receiving money from an old car that you are intending on not using again and one that could not be sold on the regular car sales market. It is, in a sense, like receiving free money from a broken object – what could be better that removing that old eye sore of a vehicle and having a little bit more money in the bank to show for it? It is difficult to put a price on what a car will be valued at for scrap, however the majority of them will bring in over $300. Obviously, the larger the vehicle, and those that are made of more premium materials will sell for more money once scrapped.

Not only are you making your home look better, by removing the old car from your drive – you will be supporting yourself financially too. Furthermore, scrapping cars is the safest way to dispose of a car environmentally speaking too. Not any scrap yard can scrap a car, each individual scrap yard must first be vetted by the ATC and following the scrapping of any car – all materials that may be harmful for the environment must be removed from the car and disposed of safely.

It is also extremely important to consider the damage that a scrap car can be doing to your home at the moment. Firstly, scrap cars can contain hazardous or potentially toxic compounds within them that can then seep into the surrounding environment. In order to prevent this the car must be removed from its current site (your home) and taken to a scrap yard where it can be handled properly.


Important Car Scrapping Information

Another important consideration to make is that once you scrap your vehicle you are no longer the owner of it. Before doing this you should check all of your registration document details and ensure that you follow all of the instructions on it too. The instructions will typically vary by state, however they generally involve sending a photocopy of your drivers license and your vehicle registration document in to the scrap yard. You must then also inform the government of the scrapping of your car so that they now know that you no longer own the vehicle. After your car has been scrapped, you must ensure that your receive a certificate from the scrap yard that details that your car has now been destroyed. For further information it is worth reading up on the relevant government websites.

The majority of scrap yards in Australia will offer approximately $200 to $400 worth in compensation for your cars scrap. Whilst this isn’t the most astronomical amount of money in the world, this extra bit of cash can go a long way and in fact it is even possible to purchase a second hand car for slightly more than this sum, if you so required. Another essential thing to bare in mind is that with certain car models, they require specialist scrapping technology and so less money will be received for these cars – potentially as much as fifty percent less in some cases. Also, some websites in Australia will provide a total quote for the valuation of your car once it has been scrapped.

In addition, it is also possible to sell your car to dealers when the cars were originally planned to be scrapped too, however in these cases do not expect large sums of cash for your vehicle – in fact, you will only receive approximately the same amount of money as you would if you scrapped it. These dealers will also have special requirements too, these typically include having tax on the car and some keys too. One additional option includes a trade between the old scrap vehicle for a newer, or fully functioning car. These deals often require the additional input of cash as well as the scrap car itself. It is likely that you will get a good deal here if you search around scrap dealerships, so this option is certainly one that is worth considering.

Scrap My Car


Car Scrapping in Australia

Within some states throughout Australia it can be somewhat difficult to scrap old cars, this is a result of the governments control guidelines. Scrap yards must be thoroughly vetted before they are able to scrap vehicles in Australia, each of the car’s individual components must be accounted for and disposed with in a certain way. This ultimately ensures that all potentially toxic materials within the car are treated and therefore pose no further risk to the environment. Furthermore, regardless of what state you reside in, it is illegal for any person to purchase a scrap car under recent legislative laws. These laws were put into action over the past 5 years and effectively act to prevent people from stealing scrap metal, including pieces that are found within old cars.


Scrap Cars for Cash

No matter where you reside in Australia, scrapping your car is extremely simple with the right knowledge. Not only that, but you can expect to make a nice and tidy sum for money for very little work too. Scrapping cars helps to keep our environment clean, helps to remove eye sores from your drive and can make you cash too (up to $400 in some cases!). Take a look online for the right scrap yards and make sure that you get a good price for you car by checking valuations on a variety of websites too. Make sure that you don’t accept cash from a random person and make sure to get a certificate from the scrap yard so that you are no longer responsible for your car.