Bunbury Scrap Metal Prices

Bunbury Scrap Metal Prices which have been collected from various metal recycling yards from across the city. Discover what your scrap metal is worth now.

Price per Kilo
Bare Bright Copper
A$6.56 - A$7.25
Copper 1 (Clean)
A$6.02 - A$6.65
Copper 2 (Mixed)
A$5.52 - A$6.10
Insulated Wire 1
A$5.06 - A$5.60
Insulated Wire 2 (PVC)
A$2.15 - A$2.37
Aluminium Extruded
A$1.26 - A$1.40
Aluminium Cast
A$0.92 - A$1.02
Aluminium Domestic
A$0.92 - A$1.01
Aluminium Cans
A$0.74 - A$0.82
Clean Brass
A$4.10 - A$4.53
Stainless Steel
A$1.01 - A$1.12
A$3.72 - A$4.12
A$1.38 - A$1.53
PB Battery
A$0.53 - A$0.59
Car Battery
A$4.66 - A$5.15
Truck Battery
A$5.59 - A$6.17
A$0.09 - A$0.10