Scrap Metal Prices (Copper, Steel) in Australia 2023

Scraps Metal Prices offers the most current scrap metal prices in Australia. In general, scrap metal prices differ based on material and location. As a result, we provide a range of different prices for all of your different types of scrap metal across various different regions. Recycling scrap metal through metal dealers can be a very good way to make a bit of money on the side and the best way to ensure you are getting good value (per kilo or per pound) for your scrap metal is to check it right here.


Scrap Metal Prices by Australian City

We have the current scrap metal prices for metal dealers in:

Scrap Metal Types

There is a wide variety of metal that can be sold to scrap metal dealers at the moment, while some are certainly more valuable than others, there is money to be made in recycling scrap metal of all forms. The most profitable scrap metals include copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, iron, lead, gold, silver and indeed from car batteries or copper pipes too. Below is a list containing all of Australia's most profitable scrap metals:

Scrap Copper Prices
Scrap Aluminium Prices
Scrap Steel Prices
Scrap Brass Prices
Scrap Lead Prices
Scrap Iron Prices
Scrap Gold Prices
Scrap My Car

As previously stated, scrap metal prices fluctuate consistently. All of the various different types of scrap metal materials are traded much alike stock is and so the price is essentially based upon demand. This also tends to be based upon your location within Australia. If local manufacturers require a specific type of scrap then the prices will increase and conversely if not, they will decline. Over the past five years scrap metal prices have increased considerably, prices are generally recorded by the tonne rather than kilo (kg), however some of them can be sold to scrap yards by the kilo. To ensure that you are getting the proper valuation for your scrap metal you need to ensure that you know your scrap metals grade before taking it to a local vendor. The type of metal that you have will have a range of grades, the higher the grade, the higher the valuation of the piece of metal. The details which I have provided below will guide you in knowing what the different types of scrap metal grades exist:

Grade 1 - These types of scrap metal do not have any different alloy types associated with them. Furthermore, in order to be classified as grade 1, the piece of scrap must be of specific dimensions and should not be in any way corroded. Grade 1 scrap metal is generally regarded as being pure.

Grade 2 - Contrary to grade 1 examples of scrap, grade 2 pieces consist of alloys in addition to the main material. Similar to grade 1, grade 2 should also not be corroded or mixed with any other non-alloy materials.

Other Types - In addition to the above types, sheets and castings are specialist types of scrap that can be worth more than more generic forms of metal. It is worth baring this in mind before taking these pieces to scrap yards.


Scrap Metal Price Guide

One important thing to remember is that it is possible to find a range of different forms of scrap metal materials within various pieces of electronic equipment. Despite this, most scrap yards will not accept this type of metal. Their reasoning is that it is particularly difficult for them to extract the metal from these items. As a result this type of scrap metal recycling typically occurs through specialist scrap yards or dealers.

Below is a general guide illustrating the typical scrap metal prices you will find for various different materials, for a more exact price, please navigate to the corresponding page on our site. The prices listed below vary somewhat because dealers generally vary from region to region and also the quality of the metal varies a considerable amount too.


Metal TypeScrap Metal Prices Australia
Copper$4.00 to $6.00 per Kilo
Mixed Copper$5.00 to $7.00 per Kilo
Copper Wire$1.50 to $2.00 per Kilo
Aluminium$0.20 to $1.50 per Kilo
Aluminium Cans$0.10 to $0.20 each
Clean Brass$1.50 to $2.50 per Kilo
Mixed Brass$2.50 to $4.50 per Kilo
Stainless Steel$0.75 to $2.00 per Kilo
Iron$0.08 to $0.16 per Kilo
Titanium$2.80 to $4.00 per Kilo
Gold$16.00 to $50.00 per Gram
Silver$0.26 to $0.52 per Gram
Platinum$30.00 to $50.00 per Gram
Lead$0.80 to $2.00 per Kilo
Car Battery$5.00 to $10.00 each
Truck Battery$7.50 to $15.00 each
Clean Radiator$3.00 to $4.00 per Kilo
Mixed Radiator$1.50 to $2.50 per Kilo


What Scrap Metal Can I Sell?

Scrap is generally broken down into various different types of subdivisions, broadly speaking we can state these to be:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Non ferrous metals
  • However, there are other types of scrap metal that will usually be accepted by scrap yards, these are detailed more thoroughly below:
    • Various types of machinery from industrial facilities.
    • Metallic waste produce from industrial facilities.
    • Non-functional motor vehicles including motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks and more

Examples of ferrous scrap metals include various types of iron and steel. These types of metal are regularly located within ordinary household appliances and utensils. All in all you will find that recycling ferrous scrap will usually return substantially lower scrap metal prices than non ferrous scrap. Do not let this put you off recycling these types of metals because it is still possible to make a significant amount of money from it.

Examples of non ferrous scrap metals include (these are the most popular forms) copper, aluminium, brass and more. Additionally it is important to recognise that some homes will have more rare types of non ferrous materials that can be sold as scrap and recycled. Ultimately, these metal types are where the money is.

Whenever you find yourself in possession of some metal that is no longer required, you should always keep in mind that it can rapidly be turned into cash by a scrap metal dealer. Scrap metal is becoming increasingly valuable and so this concept is becoming more and more important.


Will My Scrap Metal Be Accepted?

Many people are completely unaware of the widespread availability to scrap metal vendors who are exceptionally keen to purchase scrap metal every single day. While most scrap yards have specific standards for each individual type of scrap metal, if you meet these then it couldn't be easier to turn your materials into cash using our scrap metal prices above.

Many people become confused by the sheer number of different types of metals that can be sold. Some examples of this include for aluminium; a number of different types of cabling, radiators, wheels, extrusion, sheets, castings and more. Similarly for copper there is cabling, coils, wires and a variety of different types of alloys too.

As you can see, determining the type of scrap that you possess can be a convoluted matter that is off putting for the majority of people. However, once you get past this step it is possible to make a lot of money by taking each piece to a scrap metal yard.

While our scrap metal prices provide a good outline for what you expect to receive for each individual type of scrap metal at a designated yard in Australia. It is important to realise that there are so many different factors that can affect the final price. Despite this, scrap yards are keen to accept new materials even if it is mixed with a range of different materials.


Why Should I Recycle Scrap Metal?

There a wide range of benefits of recycling scrap metal, not only can it make you some extra cash, it also massively helps us keep the planet clean. We do not need to scour the earth for more materials if we reuse them over and over again. Scrap metal can be reused hundreds of times, saving thousands of dollars worth of energy. Not only that, but Australia's scrap yards also help to ensure that all of our metal using industries have the materials to keep running, without allowing all of the valuable scrap metal pieces simply ending up in a landfill. Make a difference for Australia today and begin to recycle any scrap metal in your house or business. You will be surprised to see what you will be able to find if you spend a short while looking for scrap.

While many may only be concerned about making a little bit of money from their scrap metal, they forget about the benefits that recycling scrap metal offers for the earth. Metals that are not required by yourself tarnish the globe and so by recycling them you will essentially be preventing further materials from being extracted elsewhere. This ultimately will prevent further pollution of the planet and halt toxic gases from being released into the atmosphere.

Scrap metal prices are clearly a big drawing factor for people looking to make extra money from unusable pieces of metal. Not only this, but by donating metals to scrap yards you will benefit your local community as the scrap yard will also gain revenue following the metals recycling, consequently this is then spent on the development of your community.

Scrap metal recycling, as I mentioned previously, reduces the requirement for mining metals elsewhere in the world to support the increasing demand for ferrous and non ferrous metals. In addition, recycling also prevents landfill sites across Australia from becoming clogged up with waste metal - instead it can be utilised again and again.


Alternatives To Scrap Metal Recycling?

Something that people regularly find when it comes to recycling scrap metal for cash is that they simply have too much of it. If this is the case for you, there are indeed alternatives to personally taking each piece of metal to a scrap vendor. The most prominent example of this includes contacting the scrap yard and organising a truck to come up with a skip for all of your metal.

Further alternatives also exist and another popular example includes the donation of your metal to some charities. These charities will also come to your home to collect your scrap metal, they will not give you any money directly, but they will use the metal to support your local community.

Whenever you do take your scrap metal to a vendor you should ensure that not only do you get the correct price for your scrap, but you should also demand a list of everything that you recycled and a price for each individual item. This will guarantee that you are not ripped off by the vendor.