Brisbane Scrap Metal Prices

This page has been created to ensure that the most accurate and up to date scrap metal prices are available for anybody in Brisbane. We managed to collect data from around 30 different scrap metal recycling facilities in the local area so that we could aggregate it and get some averaged prices. Determining exactly what price per kilo anybody will receive from any one type of scrap metal (copper, aluminum, brass, lead, bronze, iron or steel) is nearly impossible, these prices vary considerably on a daily basis, let alone when considering geographic regions too. Scrap metal prices in Brisbane are often quite good and so it is definitely a profitable venture to be involved in. Please read on below to find out what sort of prices you can receive here today.

Price per Kilo
Bare Bright Copper
A$6.76 - A$7.47
Copper 1 (Clean)
A$6.20 - A$6.86
Copper 2 (Mixed)
A$5.69 - A$6.28
Insulated Wire 1
A$5.22 - A$5.77
Insulated Wire 2 (PVC)
A$2.21 - A$2.44
Aluminium Extruded
A$1.30 - A$1.44
Aluminium Cast
A$0.95 - A$1.05
Aluminium Domestic
A$0.94 - A$1.04
Aluminium Cans
A$0.77 - A$0.85
Clean Brass
A$4.23 - A$4.67
Stainless Steel
A$1.04 - A$1.15
A$3.84 - A$4.24
A$1.42 - A$1.57
PB Battery
A$0.55 - A$0.60
Car Battery
A$4.80 - A$5.30
Truck Battery
A$5.76 - A$6.36
A$0.10 - A$0.11


Finding the current scrap metal prices in Brisbane?

I’ve mentioned on various other parts of this website that scrap metal prices are continually fluctuating based upon supply and demand in any particular region of Australia. However, I have never stated that Brisbane has some of the best prices per kilo of any of the other major cities in the country. The isolation of Brisbane from the majority of the Australian population means that scrap metal prices are almost always high. The most valuable metals (copper, aluminium and lead) are constantly over three dollars per kilo, whereas the cheapest are often above two. These prices are quite unheard of elsewhere in the north or south of the country and so if you live in Brisbane then you are very lucky.

Brisbane Scrap Metal Prices


Scrap Copper Prices Brisbane

Brisbane’s scrap copper prices are often good to great, in comparison to the rest of Australia. You can find a wide range of different facilities that will accept this metal, so long as you can provide documentation to ensure that it has not been acquired by malicious purposes. Selling scrap copper is usually done per kilo or per tonne, depending on the quantity available. In order for you to make a sale, you first need to grade your metal and weigh each of the different varieties. Regardless of what you have, your scrap copper is likely to be worth a substantial amount of cash in Brisbane.


Scrap Aluminium Prices Brisbane

Aluminium is also a highly sought after type of scrap metal in Brisbane, the prices for it from any of the major dealers are good for most of the year. Many of the dealers are regularly reporting that it is in shortage and they push their buy prices up. If you can pull together a significant quantity of scrap aluminium, you can sell it to these dealers for potentially thousands of dollars for a tonne of it. Brisbane is an ideal place to sell scrap metals due to its isolation from the rest of the country and its poor transport networks.


Scrap Steel Prices Brisbane

Brisbane’s scrap steel prices are high at the moment, however it’s quite unusual and this is unlikely to remain the case for too long. Often we see seasonal swings in these prices and so if you’ve found yourself with a large quantity of scrap steel or stainless steel, I would recommend getting down to your local dealer right away to sell yours.


Scrap Iron Prices Brisbane

Brisbane’s scrap iron prices are also very good at the moment, they have typically been strong throughout January to June, but this year we have seen prices stay strong right through until September too. If you have any scrap metal yards situated close to you, I would try to take advantage of this opportunity while you can. Brisbane has a number of recycling facilities dotted around the city, you can usually get some good prices for your scrap iron at any of these. Let us know if this changes and we will update this copy writing.


Scrap Brass Prices Brisbane

Brass is difficult to find in Brisbane and as a result scrap brass prices are good all year round too. As we’ve seen in many other cities in Australia, Brisbane only has a few different scrap metal yards which will accept it. I wouldn’t recommend travelling to far to sell your scrap brass, unless you know that you have a high quality piece of brass.


What are international scrap metal prices?

Scrap metal prices vary substantially from country to country. In much the same way that prices vary throughout Brisbane and the rest of Australia, the prices internationally are completely set by supply and demand. Due to being quite far away from other countries, you would expect Australia to have high prices, however because the country has a lot of natural resources, this is unfortunately not the case. Scrap metal prices are fairly low throughout much of the country and particularly in regions close to major cities and ports. Below you can find some links to other international countries’ scrap metal prices: