Melbourne Scrap Metal Prices

Here you will be provided with the current scrap metal prices in Melbourne. We’ve contacted all of the recycling centres within the city and surrounding suburban areas and pulled together the average prices from them. As you are probably aware, it is inherently difficult to provide very precise scrap metal prices as they vary so much on a daily basis, but also from one scrap yard to another. We have found that these prices are particularly volatile within Melbourne; aluminium, copper, steel, iron, brass and lead are seeing prices change by as much as 50% on a weekly basis. Continue to scroll down this page to find out more and to determine what the most sought after forms of scrap metal and their derivatives are.

Price per Kilo
Bare Bright Copper
A$7.03 - A$7.77
Copper 1 (Clean)
A$6.45 - A$7.13
Copper 2 (Mixed)
A$5.91 - A$6.53
Insulated Wire 1
A$5.43 - A$6.00
Insulated Wire 2 (PVC)
A$2.30 - A$2.54
Aluminium Extruded
A$1.35 - A$1.49
Aluminium Cast
A$0.99 - A$1.09
Aluminium Domestic
A$0.98 - A$1.08
Aluminium Cans
A$0.80 - A$0.88
Clean Brass
A$4.39 - A$4.86
Stainless Steel
A$1.08 - A$1.19
A$3.99 - A$4.41
A$1.48 - A$1.64
PB Battery
A$0.57 - A$0.63
Car Battery
A$4.99 - A$5.51
Truck Battery
A$5.98 - A$6.62
A$0.10 - A$0.11


Finding the current scrap metal prices in Melbourne?

You will be more than aware that scrap metal prices are constantly changing if you are visiting this website today. However, I would be surprised if you realised that Melbourne has the highest degree of flux for scrap metal of any cities in Australia. Nobody is sure why this is, however it is postulated that Melbourne’s location plays a big factor in having big pricing changes. Generally the most valuable types of scrap metal in Melbourne are copper and aluminium, while the least valuable are brass and bronze. The large pricing table below is designed to provide you with some idea on when is best to sell your scrap metal in Melbourne.

Melbourne Scrap Metal Prices


Scrap Copper Prices Melbourne

This table provides everyone with the latest scrap copper prices in Melbourne. I eluded to the value of scrap copper in an earlier section of this documentation, however I will reiterate it now, copper is the most valuable type of scrap and so is definitely worth keeping a hold of. The most important thing to do when you are ready to sell your metal is to determine what form of copper you have. This can be quite a complicated process, however it is certainly worth doing as selling your metal to a Melbourne recycling facility is definitely profitable.


Scrap Aluminium Prices Melbourne

Aluminium prices remain at a strong level all year round in Melbourne. Selling scrap aluminium to metal dealers is very easy too, there is often a shortage of it and the recycling facilities make a great profit from flipping this metal. Aluminium is one of the more profitable types of metal, often because it is commonly found on its own and not bound to other materials, as a result the pricing for this metal grade is higher.


Scrap Steel Prices Melbourne

Stainless steel and normal steel are always in low demand in Melbourne, much alike other regions throughout Australia. Unfortunately, you will find that you need to stockpile a large quantity of scrap steel to make taking it to the recycling centre profitable. Scrap steel prices also fluctuate quite frequently in Melbourne and so you never really know what price you are likely to receive until the day you sell it.


Scrap Iron Prices Melbourne

Melbourne is situated relatively close to one of the southern hemisphere’s largest iron mines and so scrap iron prices are always low here. This appears to have saturated most of southern Australia’s scrap iron prices too. Melbourne has a consistent price per kilo for scrap iron and so even the best grades of iron are not going to fetch too much money. Expect between one and two dollars per kilo of iron, regardless of its quality.


Scrap Brass Prices Melbourne

Scrap brass is quite rare in Melbourne and so the prices for it are usually fairly decent. Unfortunately there are only a small number of scrap yards or dealers who actively purchase this metal due to it being so hard to sell. So it is a bit of good and bad news, if you have someone who is willing to purchase your metal nearby, then you’re definitely on to a winner in Melbourne, unlike elsewhere in Australia.


What are international scrap metal prices?

Scrap metal prices vary substantially from country to country. In much the same way that prices vary throughout Melbourne and the rest of Australia, the prices internationally are completely set by supply and demand. Due to being quite far away from other countries, you would expect Australia to have high prices, however because the country has a lot of natural resources, this is unfortunately not the case. Scrap metal prices are fairly low throughout much of the country and particularly in regions close to major cities and ports. Below you can find some links to other international countries’ scrap metal prices: