Scrap Aluminium Prices

Scrap aluminium prices can vary substantially based upon a range of different factors including metal quality, grade and the area you are trying to sell it in. Consequently, it is difficult to provide an exact price for any particular piece, however our prices listed below provide a rough estimate for the average scrap aluminium prices across Australia. In addition to this, various other considerations must also be taken into account when looking for a scrap yard – firstly, you must asses whether any other pieces of metal attached to your scrap aluminium are worth anything to a scrap vendor.


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Aluminium is a highly sought after pieces of metal and so it is easily sold to scrap metal yards throughout Australia. In general, this is done by the kilo or pound and so it is always a good idea to know what your metal is worth before turning up to sell it. There are a number of different types of aluminium and each can have a slightly different price, examples include: Aluminium cable, extrusions, radiators, turnings, wheels, cast aluminium, iron-based aluminium, rolled aluminium and casings too. Due to aluminium being a valuable type of scrap metal, it is certainly worth searching your house for any pieces of it, these can be found in a range of different places – particularly in old electronic equipment.


Local Scrap Yards

Prior to taking your scrap aluminium to the scrap yard you should ensure that you know what price to expect for each individual piece. Scrap aluminium prices fluctuate daily, however the prices below are roughly what to expect: