Adelaide Scrap Metal Prices

Our resources on this page have been provided by determining the scrap metal prices from all of the local scrap yards in Adelaide. Adelaide's scrap metal prices per kilo are continually changing, this is typically seasonal, but does have notable peaks and troughs throughout the year. The main forms of metal traded within Adelaide are generally copper, aluminium and iron. However, you will also find that many other materials are commonly traded too. Adelaide has a comparatively high price per kilo for most of the available metal types, but the better grades of scrap are what will bring in the most significant amount of money for sure. This page will help you determine how much money you can make from your scrap metal in Adelaide, so please continue reading and let us know if you feel that any information is missing here.

Price per Kilo
Bare Bright Copper
A$6.65 - A$7.36
Copper 1 (Clean)
A$6.10 - A$6.75
Copper 2 (Mixed)
A$5.59 - A$6.18
Insulated Wire 1
A$5.14 - A$5.68
Insulated Wire 2 (PVC)
A$2.18 - A$2.41
Aluminium Extruded
A$1.28 - A$1.42
Aluminium Cast
A$0.93 - A$1.03
Aluminium Domestic
A$0.93 - A$1.03
Aluminium Cans
A$0.76 - A$0.83
Clean Brass
A$4.16 - A$4.60
Stainless Steel
A$1.02 - A$1.13
A$3.78 - A$4.17
A$1.40 - A$1.55
PB Battery
A$0.54 - A$0.59
Car Battery
A$4.72 - A$5.22
Truck Battery
A$5.67 - A$6.26
A$0.09 - A$0.10


Finding the most current scrap metal prices in Adelaide?

Adelaide is somewhat of a hub of activity for people who are interested in trading scrap metal to local scrapyards. You will be able to find somewhere to shift your metal in every corner of the city and so it's very easy for anybody to get involved. Typically most of the biggest scrap dealers are situated around the dock yards of the city, but out in the countryside, particularly near the various mines, you will find places to sell it in bulk too. Scrap copper prices are generally very high in Adelaide and so if you can get your hands on any of this, you're onto a winner. Similarly for aluminium and iron too, you can make a small fortune from what is a relatively small amount of metal here. This is quite the contrast to the rest of Australia, where metal prices are often fairly low all year round due to being in abundance.

Adelaide Scrap Metal Prices


Scrap Copper Prices Adelaide

Adelaide has some of the highest scrap copper prices per kilo in all of Australia. Many of the local scrap metal recycling facilities are keen to take it off your hands and will often give you a very good price for it too. As per usual, the main considerations that need to be made prior to taking your scrap over to the dealer is how much you have of each individual grade. It can be difficult to determine what grade of copper you have, however determining this before going to sell it is always a good idea. Not only will you have an idea of how much money you could receive for your copper before it is sold, but you will make the whole transaction a lot smoother too.


Scrap Aluminium Prices Adelaide

In much the same way as we discussed with copper, aluminium is also in high demand at scrap metal dealers all around the city. This is due to being a fairly rare metal in this part of the country and so supply is always running low. Local businesses in Adelaide are always paying a premium to source their metal and so it is definitely your job to take advantage of the high scrap aluminium prices in Adelaide. Weighing your metal per kilo before taking it to your recycling centre is a great idea, this will help you understand what it is worth and will also stop you from being ripped off by the dealer too.


Scrap Steel Prices Adelaide

Unfortunately for those of you who have lots of scrap steel or stainless steel stockpiled in Adelaide, Adelaide is one of the biggest importers of used steel goods from the rest of Australia. There are a few industrial scale recycling centres who import the metal on large scale and this has ultimately dropped the price of this form of scrap metal substantially. Our recommendation is to build up a large stock here in Adelaide and then ship it to another city and sell it there, the prices will often be dramatically higher and therefore worth the extra effort in transporting the goods.


Scrap Iron Prices Adelaide

Adelaide has a shortage of scrap iron, and that means one thing. Scrap iron prices in Adelaide (per kilo) are incredibly high all year around. You will notice that some cities in Australia only have good scrap metal prices throughout the summer or alternatively winter months. However, this is certainly not the case in Adelaide when it comes to iron. As a result of this, it is always a good idea to sell your scrap iron to a local dealer, don't let it pile up and get in the way of your home or business, take it straight there and know that you will generally always be getting a great price.


Scrap Brass Prices Adelaide

Adelaide has a shortage of brass, much like iron, however scrap brass prices are often much lower. The reasoning for this is that this form of scrap metal is simply not as useful as others. There are also very few businesses within the city or surrounding areas which utilise this rare scrap metal and so brass is not sought after. The demand is low and so the prices will almost always be low too. Fortunately it is uncommon for somebody to stumble upon a significant quantity of scrap brass to be sold per kilo.


What are international scrap metal prices?

Scrap metal prices vary substantially from country to country. In much the same way that prices vary throughout Adelaide and the rest of Australia, the prices internationally are completely set by supply and demand. Due to being quite far away from other countries, you would expect Australia to have high prices, however because the country has a lot of natural resources, this is unfortunately not the case. Scrap metal prices are fairly low throughout much of the country and particularly in regions close to major cities and ports. Below you can find some links to other international countries' scrap metal prices: