Scrap Copper Prices

It is essential to realise that scrap copper prices can fluctuate considerably based upon the quality, or grade, of the metal that you have. As a result our scrap copper prices are only an estimation of the expected value of your material. Other considerations must also be made, including the valuation of other pieces of scrap that could be attached to your copper. Scrap copper has a particularly varied price range, however our prices below will give you an idea of what each piece is worth – for any region in Australia.


Local Scrap Copper Prices

Copper can be sold to scrap yards all across Australia, typically by the kilo. In general, copper is one of the most valuable types of scrap metal and so as a result scrap copper prices are very temperamental. Despite this, scrap copper can be found absolutely everywhere, including within your own home. Examples of different types of scrap copper include: Bare bright copper wire, copper tubing, flashing copper, mix copper and copper piping.

Copper wire can be found in a wide range of places in your home, the best places to look are as follows:

TV’s and Monitors – While these are a fantastic place to find copper wire, it is unlikely that all scrap yards will accept them due to the numerous issues associated with recycling them. However, the external wires on TV’s and monitors have copper that can used as scrap within them.
Various Types of Electronics – Within certain electronic pieces of equipment it is possible to not only scrap their wires, they may also contain thin insulated wirer unning throughout them.
Computer Equipment– Within computers, desktops or laptops, it is possible to find scrap copper within motherboards, hard drives and more. Furthermore, ribbon wire contains copper that may also be scrapped.
Household Appliances – Many large appliances within a typical home contain insulated copper wire within them. Examples of these include freezers, refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers and microwaves.


Sell Scrap Copper

It is essential to know the correct scrap copper prices so that when you take all of your copper to a scrap yard you get the appropriate value. Non-ferrous metals such as copper can be repeatedly recycled by scrap dealers. The average prices for copper are listed below:

Clean Copper – $4.00 to $6.00 per Kilo
Mixed Copper – $5.00 to $7.00 per Kilo
Copper Wire – $1.50 to $2.00 per Kilo

Our scrap copper prices are applicable to the following regions in Australia: Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, NSW, Gold Coast, Victoria and more.